Those Pearly Gates

Those Pearly Gates

2005, Simon & Schuster

Imogene fulfills a deathbed promise to marry her late best friend’s husband. Reluctantly she leaves the farm in rural Georgia to follow her new man to the parsonage. But her battle is not what she expects. Imo feels the presence of the Reverend’s late wife and it throws a wet blanket on her attempts at passion. Imo’s foster daughter, Jeanette, recently married to a rockabilly reverend of her own, is so afraid of becoming a ‘church lady’ that she enters an erotic bull-riding contest. It’s not until a devastating event forces Jeanette to see that beauty is not just skin deep that she curtails her passions. All these problems seem small, however, when neighbors suffer a great tragedy and Imo must help them keep their faith.

“Like Winesburg, Spoon River, and Wobegan, Julie L. Cannon’s Euharlee, Georgia, deserves a place on the literary map. She has created a richly textured community, populated with unforgettable, sharply drawn characters. Long after I finished ‘Those Pearly Gates’ I could still hear the bull frogs, taste the sweet tea, and smell the biscuits browning in Imo’s oven. My mother and I adored it – and Momma is as tough as Kirkus.” – Michael Lee West, bestselling author of Mad Girls in Love.

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