The Romance Readers' Book Club

The Romance Readers' Book Club

2007, Penguin Plume

Bored with her sheltered life in Rigby, Georgia, fifteen-year-old Tammi senses a cure for her restlessness when she acquires a stack of forbidden romance novels. Eluding the watchful eye of her grandmother, Tammi forms a secret book club with girlfriends, reading about weak-in-the-knees passion. The last thing Tammi expects is to be consumed by her own search for sensual pleasures, but she pursues Leon Dupree, an otherworldly boy who plans to attend seminary and is attempting to flee youthful lust. When Rigby is seized in a devastating drought, local preachers are quick to proclaim sin as the reason. Tammi struggles with her turbulent feelings and the strict expectations of the community. Will she realize that books not only have the power to entertain but to enslave?

The Romance Readers’ Book Club was chosen as a Target Breakout Book.

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