2013, Abingdon Press

The songs Jennifer Clodfelter writes and sings aren’t from her imagination. With innocence and passion, Jenny pours the pain from her childhood into the lyrics of one Billboard Country hit after another. Her manager assures her that confronting formative years wrapped in violence and poverty is a necessary evil, part of the unstoppable force of her destiny to become a Country Music Diva. And for a while, little Jenny Cloud is in heaven. She basks in the spotlight on stage and the wild applause of her fans. But as she pours herself into writing more and more autobiographical songs, Jenny begins to find the emotional fallout is staggering. When she revisits a dark memory she thought was long-buried, she begins to seriously wonder if the high price she’s paying to write her hits is worth it. Jenny’s hairdresser, Tonilynn, sees the wounded little girl beneath the star’s on-stage smiles and she attempts to fix her broken spirit along with her hair by counseling Jenny to pour yet another long-repressed story of her father into a song. Is singing for her sanity a possibility in this instance? Will this hit song be therapy enough to reconcile Jenny and her dark past? Jenny Cloud faces the music with music.

What readers are saying about Twang:

“Unforgettable characters! And a beautiful story, beautifully told.” Augusta Trobaugh, Author of Sophie and the Rising Sun, and Music From Beyond the Moon.

“Achingly honest and engrossing novel about a Taylor Swift hopeful who nearly loses herself when she finds fame. A must-read for fans of country music and anyone who’s ever dreamed of becoming a star. I loved it!” Karin Gillespie, Author of the Bottom Dollar Girls series

“Twang is a delightful journey through Nashville’s Music Row. Protagonist Jennifer Clodfelter grabs your attention and sings her heart out, all the while immersing you in a story that will have you wondering if you are living your dream, while fulfilling your God-given destiny or just treading water. It’s a novel that that validates the premise that forgiveness is a powerful force and faith really can move mountains. This books speaks to the heart and whispers to the soul. I’m so glad I read it.” Jackie Lee Miles, Author of The Heavenly Heart, and All That’s True.

“In her latest book, Twang, Julie L. Cannon once again brings characters to life with such accurate and picturesque detail, captures the cadences of Southern speech so perfectly, that we feel as if each character has sprung to life as a neighbor or member of the family. Even more important, as we follow Jenny Cloud’s struggle to move beyond the tribulations of her childhood, Cannon leads us inexorably to a conclusion in which we see the mysterious and transformative power of Grace and, in the process, makes us feel transformed ourselves.” Karen Schwind, Author of Her Life as She Knew It and Vermilion Wanted to Go to the Movies.

“With an authentic Southern voice, Julie L. Cannon’s TWANG takes you into the heart of Nashville and the sometimes overlooked dark side of fame. But there’s nothing dark about the characters in this delightful book. It had me tapping my toes to the music until the very last page. Bravo!” ~ Carla Stewart, award-winning author of Chasing Lilacs and Stardust

“Written with an enticing Southern flair, and a profound knowledge of the Nashville music industry, TWANG is a story of passion, courage, and the unfolding of a dream.” ~ Alice J. Wisler, author of Rain Song (Christy Finalist), How Sweet It Is (Christy Finalist), Hatteras Girl, A Wedding Iinvitation, and Still Life in Shadows.

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